Welcome to Taiwan in Perspective

[Updated in April 2016]

This blog originally started in August 2012 as Michal Thim’s personal blog, serving mostly as a platform for reposting articles published elsewhere (The Diplomat, The National Interest, The China Brief, South China Morning Post, China Policy Institute blog, among others) and occasionally offering original content.

Starting in 2016, Taipei-based analyst Kitsch Liao (Liao Yen-Fan) joined the Taiwan in Perspective as a resident author. This means that TiP is now jointly managed project of a team of two analysts. We will be actively looking for new people to join the team, although it is not the foremost priority.

The foremost priority remains the same in 2016 as it was in 2012. To provide insight into complexity of Taiwan’s defense and security, be it on the level of relations with other states, doctrinal changes, or new development in arms procurement. The focus is also on Taiwan’s domestic and foreign politics as areas pertaining to questions of defense and security.

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