Taiwan Directory

This section provides a directory of Taiwan-related online sources of all kinds, think-tanks and universities, personal blogs, media outlets, etc. Listed media or think-tanks include those with much broader agenda, nevertheless, they either have strong emphasis on Taiwan or on Asia-Pacific region. The list below will be constantly updated.


Taiwan Blogs

  • Ballots & Bullets – Taiwan 2012 – University of Nottingham’s blog covering Taiwan 2012 presidential and legislative elections, invaluable source for everybody doing research on this period of Taiwan politics.
  • The Far Eastern Sweet Potato – J. Michael Cole’s blog. Michael post his articles/editorials for Taipei Times, where he is deputy news editor, The Diplomat, Jane’s Defence and others.
  • Frozen Garlic – Nathan Batto’s blog on Taiwan elections. Nathan is an Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica.
  • The View from Taiwan – Michael Turton’s blog. Michael is Taichung-based blogger and besides his insights on various issues of Taiwan’s politics, he also publishes entries from his countless bike trips around Taiwan.


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