Taiwan Elections 2016: Essential Electronic Resources


Banners of People First Party presidential candidate James Soong (in front) and DPP election poster with presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen, vice-presidential candidate Chen Chien-jen and legislative election candidates in Central Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Michael Turton, The View from Taiwan.

Central Election Commission – 2016 Elections

This is the most reliable source for live vote count. It is sometimes slower than media operating on the ground but CECs’s numbers are official. Website has Chinese and English versions.

The following are special election pages of leading Taiwan newspapers. They will offer comprehensive reporting during the day, but look out for vote-counting graphics. In addition to newspaper election specials, you can also follow the elections on any of media YouTube channels listed below.

United Daily News 

Liberty Times 

Apple Daily

China Times

List will be continuously updated during the election day. Polling stations close at 4pm, first results will start to come out at around 5pm and final official results should be available by 10pm (all times GMT +8).

UPDATE: Live election day coverage in English

Decision 2016 ICRT’s Live Election Night Coverage

ICRT election special will start at 10am 4pm and finish at 9pm. ICRT team will be joined by panel of experts, including:

  • Ross Darrell Feingold, Senior Adviser at DC International Advisory
  • Bruce Jacobs, Emeritus Professor of Asian Languages and Studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia
  • Chieh-Ting Yeh, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ketagalan Media

Tune in by clicking on any of the three options: ICRT, hiChannel, or TuneIn.

LIVE Broadcast of the 2016 Presidential Election x 2016 年總統大選開票現場英文直播

New Bloom magazine will be live streaming updates 2016 elections in collaboration with 音地大帝 Indie DaaDee and 知日台灣・讀書青年. Program starts at 5pm and will be streamed in English and Japanese.

You can access their stream here or on the YouTube.

Taiwan Elections 2016: Essential Electronic Resources

Comprehensive list of electronic resources relevant to forthcoming January 16 legislative and presidential elections in Taiwan.

This list is a collaborative effort of Jonathan Sullivan (University of Nottingham/China Policy Institute), James Smyth, Ben Goren (Letters from Taiwan) and Michal Thim (Taiwan in Perspective).

Categories: Government Sites/ Election Results, Election Debates & Forums, Media Sites, Polling Sites, Candidate and Party Sites, Opinion & Commentary Sites, Think Tanks & NGOs, Twitter.

First appeared on the China Policy Institute Blog on December 29, 2015.

Government Sites / Election Results

Central Election Commission (EN)
Central Election Commission (TW) 中央選舉委員會
Central Election Commission Database of Past Election Results (TW) 中選會選舉資料庫網站
Central Election Commission Database of Past Presidential & Legislative Results (EN)
Executive Yuan 行政院全球資訊網 (TW)
Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) (EN)
IFES Election Guide | Country Profile: Taiwan
Office of the President 中華民國總統府網站-首頁 (TW)
Office of the President, ROC (Taiwan) (EN)
ROC National Statistics (EN)
Taiwan Panorama (RUS)
Taiwan Panorama Magazine (EN)
Taiwan Panorama 台湾光華雑誌 (JP)
Taiwan Panorama 台灣光華雜誌 (TW)
Taiwan Today (EN)
Taiwan Today (ESP)
Taiwan Today (GER)
Wiki 2000 Presidential Election Results
Wiki 2001 Local Election Results
Wiki 2004 Legislative Election Results
Wiki 2004 Presidential Election Results
Wiki 2005 Local Election Results
Wiki 2006 Municipal Election Results
Wiki 2008 Legislative Election Results
Wiki 2008 Presidential Election Results
Wiki 2009 Local Elections Results
Wiki 2010 Municipal Elections Results
Wiki 2012 Legislative Election Results
Wiki 2012 Legislative Election Results (TW)
Wiki 2012 Presidential Election Results
Wiki 2014 Local & Municipal Election Results
Wiki 2016 Legislative Elections (TW)
Wiki 2016 Presidential Elections (TW)
Wiki 2016 Taiwan General Elections
Ketagalan Media – How Does Taiwan’s Parliamentary Election Work
Global Database on Elections and Democracy: Taiwan (Country view)
2012 Electoral data by Frozen Garlic (link to downloadable Excel File)


Election Debates & Forums

Central Election Commission YouTube site
First Central Election Commission forum on presidential candidates’ political views (Dec. 25)
Second forum (Dec. 30)
Vice presidential forum (Jan. 4)
Third forum (Jan. 6)
Vice presidential debate (Dec. 26)
First presidential debate (Dec. 27)
Second presidential debate (Jan. 2)
Mountains indigenous legislative candidate forum (Jan. 6)
Plains indigenous legislative candidate forum (Jan. 6)


Media Sites

蘋果日報|Apple Daily|首頁
中時電子報 CTnews – Chinatimes.com
自由時報電子報 Liberty Times
三立新聞網 SETN.COM
風傳媒 | Storm Magazine
聯合新聞網:觸動未來 新識力 United Daily News
CommonWealth Magazine (TW) 天下雜誌-華文世界最優質的財經雜誌
CommonWealth Magazine (EN)
Business Weekly (TW) 商業周刊 – 台灣最具影響力的商業財經雜誌
The Journalist (TW) 新新聞
Next Magazine (TW) 台灣壹週刊
China Post (EN)
Taiwan’s Central News Agency – FOCUS TAIWAN (EN)
Taiwan’s Central News Agency (JP)
中央社即時新聞 CNA NEWS (TW)
Taiwan’s Central News Agency (ESP)
YouTube FTVNEWS 民視新聞頻道
YouTube Sanlih SET 三立新聞台
Youtube UDN
The News Lens International Edition – Bilingual News & Voices from Taiwan
Taipei Times (EN)


Polling Sites

台灣指標民調新聞發布 | 台灣指標民調 TISR (TW)
官網 TVBS (TW)
趨勢民意調查股份有限公司 Trend Survey & Research Co. (TW)
無情真實的未來事件: 選舉 Election Prediction Market & Poll Aggregator (TW)
Election Study Center, National Chengchi University (EN)


Candidate and Party Sites

Facebook Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文
Facebook DPP 民主進步黨
Facebook Eric Chu 朱立倫
Facebook KMT 國民黨
Facebook James Soong 親民黨全國聯合服務中心
Facebook Tuan Yi-kang (DPP Legislator) 段宜康
Facebook New Power Party 時代力量
Facebook Green Party 綠黨
Facebook SDP 社會民主黨
Facebook MKT 民國黨
YouTube Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文
YouTube DPP
YouTube Eric Chu 朱立倫
YouTube KMT 中國國民黨
YouTube PFP 親民黨
Twitter DPP International (EN)
KMT – Kuomintang News Network (EN)
Green Party (TW)


Opinion & Commentary Sites

The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato
Frozen Garlic | A Blog on Elections in Taiwan
Kharis Templeman
Letters from Taiwan
The View from Taiwan
Ketagalan Media | Taiwan, Asia and the World
New Bloom Magazine
Thinking Taiwan (EN)
想想論壇 Thinking Taiwan (TW)
關鍵評論網 – 分享觀點從這開始 The News Lens (TW)


Think Tanks & NGOs

新台灣國策智庫 Taiwan Brain Trust (TW)
Taiwan Brain Trust (EN)
Taiwan Brain Trust (JP)
Asian Barometer
Asian Network for Free Elections
公民監督國會聯盟 Citizens Congress Watch (TW)
Facebook 公民監督國會聯盟 Citizens Congress Watch
Facebook – ANFREL – Asian Network for Free Elections
財團法人中華經濟研究院 Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research (TW)
財團法人中華經濟研究院 Chung-Hua Institute for Economic Research (EN)
Institute of International relations, NCCU
International Committee for a Democratic Taiwan (EN)
新境界文教基金會 New Frontier Foundation (TW)
Facebook – 新境界文教基金會(民主進步黨智庫) New Frontier Foundation
財團法人國家政策研究基金會 National Policy Foundation (TW)
National Policy Foundation (EN)
National Policy Foundation (JP)
Facebook – 財團法人國家政策研究基金會 National Policy Foundation
財團法人兩岸交流遠景基金會 Prospect Foundation (TW)
臺灣民主基金會 Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TW)
臺灣民主基金會 Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (EN)
財團法人台灣智庫 Taiwan Thinktank (TW)
財團法人台灣智庫 Taiwan Thinktank (EN)



Gwen Wang
Brian Hioe
New Bloom Magazine
Jeremy Page 裴杰
Ankit Panda
ジェームス (aka Solidarity.tw)
Austin Ramzy
Ian Rowen
DPP U.S. Mission
Lauren Dickey
Bonnie Glaser
Stéphane Corcuff
Wen-Ti Sung
Michael Turton
Ketagalan Media
Eric Hundman (何諳銳)
Tim Culpan
Shannon Tiezzi)
Gary Rawnsley (何諳銳)
Timothy S. Rich 芮宗泰
Ketty W. Chen
J Michael Cole (寇謐將)
David on Formosa
Julia Famularo
Jonathan Sullivan
Michal Thim (廷米賀)
Pierre-Yves Baubry
William Nee
Taiwan News
Eva Dou
Eddie Du
Arna van Goch 花瑜芯
Taiwan Explorer
Focus Taiwan
WSJ China Real Time
Ben Goren
Taiwan Law Blog
Catie Lilly
Klaus Bardenhagen
Victoria Jen
Keith Menconi
Kharis Templeman
Aaron Wytze

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