Taiwan’s Policy on South China Sea: Trapped in Past? (Presentation)

I participated in the international conference South China Sea: Mare Nostrum Sinense? that took place in Prague on 9 November, 2012, and which was organized by Metropolitan University Prague. As a speaker on the first panel, I delivered presentation on Taiwan’s position titled “Taiwan’s Policy on South China Sea: Trapped in Past?“. Conference book will follow with papers from all the speakers that were present on perhaps the very first conference in the Czech Republic focused exclusively on South China Sea.

Regarding this presentation, I have benefited greatly from my study in the IMAS Program at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

2 responses to “Taiwan’s Policy on South China Sea: Trapped in Past? (Presentation)

  1. hello, Michal, great work. It has introduced the history and situation very well, I think the only major difference between ROC claim and PRC claim is the border between China and Vietnam in Gulf of Tonkin, the dispute of Bach Long Vi.

    It is clear that Taiwan does not have the will or strength to go towards military confrontation. It is also clear that USA has an interesting in SCS. If Taiwan choose to do nothing, situation might go worse, It seem current KMT government won’t abandon the claim, how about DPP? Do you think they can have a different option if they gain the power in 2016?

  2. Thank you! The short answer is no. It is not an important issue neither for DPP core electorate nor for swing voters. Thus, DPP does not have to take strong position on the issue, although some people may be contemplating the idea of making China angry. The difference would be mainly rhetorical, in a way that cooperation with PRC would not be the only (preferable) choice. In reality, little would change…granted, that is true only if there is no dramatic development that would push Taiwan to take stronger position. In any case, the main difference between DPP and KMT is about who to talk to first.

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